Vizzzible X SEOAI on DMWF and “How to survive a digital marketing exposition”

Digital Marketeers in front of a SEOAI roll-up on DMWF Amsterdam
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Companies aren’t satisfied with their SEO results, and daring to ask more questions will take you further in life. These were two of the many things I learned at DMWF in Amsterdam on November 21-22.

The DMWF event series is one of the most crucial meeting spaces globally for digital marketers. A few weeks ago, Mikael and Pontus from SEOAI asked me to meet and get to know each other.

SEOAI is a AI software company from Helsinki that offers an AI-powered content creation solution, which safes SEOs and content marketers hundrends of working hours per year. I got a glimpse of their product, got hooked, and really wanted to meet them.

But before I dive into nurturing experiences and digital epiphanies, I want to share the five most important lessons on how to survive a digital marketing exposition.

Here are five things to avoid at a digital marketing trade fair

#1 Suit up your feet with fine shoes

Embrace the comfort of stylish sneakers or comfy flats; you’ll be doing a marathon, not a leisurely stroll. Comfortable shoes are your holy grail at expos.

#2 Wait until the end of the last speech before lunch

Guess what, now everyone is lining up for lunch and only if you are really lucky you will get the last snickers. Not mentioning the insane amount of time you waited in that line.

#3 Rely solely on power sockets to charge your gear

BYOB – Bring your own battery: Power outlets are the rare treasures of expos. Keep your devices charged like a digital superhero with power banks and huge bad ass batteries you bring yourself to the venue.

#4 Play games at the stands

Let’s be honest, if you want to spin a wheel of fortune, you don’t go to a marketing fair. Most of the time, those who shout the loudest have an insubstantial offer anyway. Don’t gamble away your time, go and look for products with added value and people who inspire you.

#5 Disregarding the physical laws of interference with virtual meetings at exposition

If you have to hold a virtual meeting, choose a quiet place to do so. A high table in the middle of all the stands is less suitable.

Alright, now that you’ve learned how to survive your next digital marketing expo, let me share my other favorite takeaways from two days at DMWF Amsterdam.

"A marketer using AI will always out­perform a marketer not using it."

Mikael da Costa (Chairman of SEOAI)

Visitors before the SEOAI stand at DMWF Amsterdam
The stand of SEOAI was busy all day with so many enthousiastic visitors

Day One @DMWF: Asking questions and listening

What’s the best way to learn?

For me, it’s a combination of both. And at DMWF, I embraced both methods to gather more information, particularly about the great minds behind SEOAI.

The most exciting revelation? They didn’t create the tool to sell it; they developed it to solve their own problems. That was truly inspiring.

During lunch, I was struck by how asking more questions can lead to getting precisely the food your body craves.

How about using that also for our brains?

Many people aren’t happy because they lack what they truly want and need in life.

Being curious and asking questions—like what’s inside, how it’s made, or can I see it before buying—are vital to satisfying those needs!

Day Two @DMWF: Admitting mistakes isn't easy

How do you capture a crowd’s attention?

Play with their emotions! Mikael, the Chairman of SEOAI, kicked off his speech at 10 am sharp.

30 seconds later, the audience was engaged as their pain points were addressed: most companies invest significantly in SEO but achieve poor results.

Quite shocking, isn’t it?

Within 40 seconds, attendees were left contemplative—no one wanted to confess they’d been focusing on the wrong keywords.

“Who is mostly focussing on the top 10 keywords?”

No hands went up, but cameras clicked furiously to capture the SEOAI’s approach discussed about micro keywords.

Roll-up displaying how micro keyword strategy works
With micro keywords you focus on low competition keywords bringing a lot of traffic to your website

In the end, I departed with a broad smile, newfound knowledge, and plenty of warm hugs from Erika, Pontus, Hendrik, and Mikael. Thank you all for the fantastic time, the inspiring stories, and, of course, the opportunity to be part of it all.

Until next time in Spain, Finland, Austria or Italy. Time will tell.

Thanks for reading and stay Vizzzible.

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